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Mexican Contemporary Paintings: 3 artistic reflections on human and social interactions

Updated: Jan 5

Mexican contemporary paintings: 3 artistic reflections on human and social interactions

Mexican contemporary art has taken an intriguing turn with the NeoCrotalic movement, founded by artist Javier López Pastrana in 2003. This movement seeks to revive traditional Mesoamerican design principles in a modern context, using a characteristic geometry derived from the rattlesnake's skin and the "Best Maugard" method promoted by José Vasconcelos. Incorporating bold colors and intricate patterns, Mexican contemporary paintings under this movement explore global themes such as technology, spiritual and social aspects, thus enriching Mexican identity and culture.

COMUNICACION: A Visual Dialogue

One of the outstanding works within this movement is "COMUNICACION" by Javier López Pastrana. This painting, created in 2020, goes beyond the simple transmission of messages, exploring the multifaceted nature of communication. Through mixed media on canvas, Pastrana invites viewers to reflect on how communication transcends the exchange of information and is intertwined with cultural interactions, enriching the heritage of each individual.

EL LIDER: A Pictorial Homage to Leaders

Following the theme of social reflection, "EL LIDER" is another notable work created in 2021. This painting pays tribute to leaders who guide groups of people in diverse domains such as social, business, religious, political, ideological, and esoteric. Through a landscape composition and mixed media on canvas, Pastrana captures the essence of leadership and its profound influence on society, serving as a tribute to those leaders who have contributed to the growth and progress of humanity.

DUALIDAD: The Coexistence of Opposites

In a more introspective reflection, "DUALIDAD" explores the coexistence of opposites within an individual, representing the different dual aspects that prevail in a person. The work, also created in 2021, invites viewers to contemplate the complex interaction between different aspects of life and how duality, manifested in harmonious or chaotic expressions, shapes our experiences and perceptions.

Impact and Legacy of NeoCrotalic Contemporary Paintings in Mexican Art

Taken together, these Mexican contemporary paintings offer a deep look at several aspects of human and social existence, while maintaining a strong connection to Mexican cultural heritage. The fusion of modern techniques with traditional elements reflects an artistic evolution that enriches the Mexican contemporary art landscape, positioning Javier López Pastrana and the NeoCrotalic movement in a distinctive place within the artistic field.

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