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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




120x150cm/ 47x59in

Author Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"EL LIDER" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana, which is currently part of the artist's collection. Created in 2021, this artwork is composed using mixed media on canvas and features a landscape composition.

The central theme of "EL LIDER" revolves around the concept of leadership. The painting pays homage to individuals, whether they are men or women, who lead groups of people in various domains such as social, business, religious, political, ideological, and esoteric realms. It acknowledges the role of leaders in guiding others towards a common good.

Throughout history, leaders have emerged in different times, places, and social strata. Some leaders have genuinely sought the well-being of their communities and have contributed to the evolutionary growth and improvement of humanity. However, the artwork also recognizes that some leaders, while aiming for the common good of their elite, may inadvertently cause collateral damage in the process of manifesting and consolidating their leadership.

"EL LIDER" serves as a tribute to all leaders who have played a role in the advancement of humanity. It acknowledges their influence and their efforts to guide and direct others for the betterment of society. The painting highlights the significant impact that leaders have had on the various stages of human development.

In terms of artistic composition, "EL LIDER" is a Mexican painting that features a landscape composition. The artwork combines different elements and techniques in a mixed media approach on canvas. Through its visual representation, the painting captures the essence of leadership and its profound influence on society.

Overall, "EL LIDER" is a contemporary art piece that pays homage to leadership and its impact on society. It recognizes the role of leaders in guiding and directing others towards common goals and the betterment of humanity. The artwork serves as a tribute to all leaders who have contributed to the growth and progress of society, despite the potential collateral damage that may occur along the way.

Artist Quote

"The work "LEADER" refers to the leadership headed by a person, be it a woman or a man, to lead a group of individuals in a social, business, religious, esoteric, political, ideological way, etc. and any other form of action that serves as a guide to others by means of leading for the realization of a common good.
Leaders will always exist in all times, places, and social strata.
We have also observed how some leaders have sought the common good of their elite and yet have affected others with collateral damage that occurs in the process of manifestation and crystallization of their leadership exercise.
"LEADER" is a tribute to all those leaders who have helped in the various stages of humanity towards the path of evolutionary growth and improvement."

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