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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Notice (hereinafter the "Privacy Notice") will come into effect from its acceptance for new users and is in force since August 2018.

The privacy of user information on is very important to ASTOR WAREHOUSE. It is for that reason that precautions and precautions are taken to protect your information, using the most complete and effective information protection computer security mechanisms.


ASTOR WAREHOUSE S.A. de C.V. (“ASTOR WAREHOUSE”), with address at Av. Cerro de las Campanas No. 3 Oficina 215, CP: 54040, Col. San Andres Atenco, Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mex, México, we make this Privacy Notice available to you at compliance with the Federal Law on Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties, its Regulations and the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice. ASTOR WAREHOUSE is a company that provides daily offers in various activities in the main cities of the Mexican Republic, this is done through an online buying and selling system. As part of our activity we offer exclusive discounts and we make sure that these are for products and / or services of the best quality.


ASTOR WAREHOUSE will collect your personal data in order to create personal accounts, send you notices about our offers, process purchases, orders, payments, inform about purchases of coupons that have already been used and about coupons that have not yet been used. ASTOR WAREHOUSE is committed to the security and privacy of your personal data.


Personal Data that ASTOR WAREHOUSE may collect

Derived from our operation, ASTOR WAREHOUSE, may collect your personal data in various ways through its internet portal at "". ASTOR WAREHOUSE may collect (i) identification data such as name, address, date of birth, email, landline, mobile phone, (ii) tax data such as tax address and Federal Taxpayer Registry number, as well as (iii) data financial information such as bank account information and credit and / or debit card information and forms of payment. It is understood that ASTOR WAREHOUSE will not collect sensitive personal data.

Purposes of the Processing of Personal Data
We inform you that your personal data will be used in order to carry out the operations inherent to our business, as well as any activity derived from the existing legal relationship or that will exist between you and ASTOR WAREHOUSE, the provision of sale and purchase services of products through the INTERNET, carry out billing, sending advertising and transfer to third parties of information and publicity related to said services to the extent that the transfer is necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes. Limitation of Use and Disclosure of Information. It is understood that at any time you may request the cancellation and / or revocation of the consent of your subscription to our advertising newsletter, requesting your withdrawal from THE USER ATTENTION UNIT (

Transfer of personal data

ASTOR WAREHOUSE informs you that your personal data will be safeguarded under the highest security standards, guaranteeing at all times the strictest confidentiality and privacy thereof, adhering at all times to the provisions of the Federal Law on Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, their Regulations and the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice.

ASTOR WAREHOUSE will not transfer, share or transmit your personal data to third parties without your prior consent, except when (i) the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into for your interest, (ii) when the transfer is made between our subsidiaries, affiliates and / or our parent company and (iii) when the transfer is necessary for the fulfillment or maintenance of a legal relationship between you and ASTOR WAREHOUSE.

Security measures

All the information and personal data that you provide through the various forms on the internet portal are duly protected by secure servers owned by ASTOR WAREHOUSE or by professional third parties hired by us under various security protocols for this purpose. to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and that they are strictly used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

When buying a product online, bank details will be requested for which we offer security and confidentiality of the data you provide, since we have a secure server under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol in such a way that the information that sent, it is transmitted encrypted to ensure your protection.

To verify that you are in a protected environment, make sure an “S” appears in the navigation bar “httpS”: //. However, and despite having more secure tools every day, the protection of data sent over the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%; so once received, every effort will be made to safeguard the information.


Cookies are data files that are stored on the hard drive of computers when browsing a specific internet site, which allows the exchange of status information between said site and the user's browser. The next time you enter our portal we may use the information stored in the cookie for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of our website.

In the case of the use of cookies, the "help" button found on the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to make the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.

ARCO rights ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition)

The area responsible for the management and administration of personal data is: Personal Data Area who can be contacted by email or directly through a commercial affiliate Av. Cerro de las Campanas No. 3 Office 215, CP: 54040, Col. San Andres Atenco, Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mex, Mexico. Tel .: +52 55 5305 9076.

To exercise your Arco rights and revoke the consent granted. As the owner of personal data, the "User" may exercise the ARCO rights (access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing of their personal data), or, revoke the consent they have given to ASTOR WAREHOUSE, for the processing of their data personal data, by sending your request directly to the Personal Data Area through the email account:

Changes to the privacy notice

We reserve the right to make changes or updates to this privacy notice at any time, in order to attend to new legislation or jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products and market practices. These modifications will be available to the public through our website, privacy notice section.

Acceptance of the terms. This privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the ASTOR WAREHOUSE website described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and ASTOR WAREHOUSE.

Authority. If the user considers that their rights regarding the protection of personal data have been violated, they have the right to go to the corresponding authority to defend their exercise. The authority is the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI), its website is:

Date of last update. Dear user, you are notified that the Privacy Notice has been modified on August 9, 2018.

Personal Data Area User Service

For any matter related to this Privacy Notice, the processing of your personal data and / or for the exercise of your ARCO Rights, you will have the following options (i) go directly to the offices of ASTOR WAREHOUSE or its commercial affiliates whose address is already has been established; (ii) make your request in writing via email to the following address with business hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

Terms and Conditons

1. Proem


When entering this internet portal, the domain name is ( owned by ASTOR WAREHOUSE S.A. DE C.V., and using it, the user is accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in this document and expressly declares their acceptance using electronic means for this purpose, in terms of the provisions of article 1803 of the Federal Civil Code. Hereinafter both and ASTOR WAREHOUSE S.A. will be collectively referred to as “ASTOR”.

In case of not fully and completely accepting the terms and conditions described in this document, the user must refrain from accessing, using and observing the website

And in case the user accesses, uses and observes the website it will be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and conditions of use stipulated here.

The sole use of said Internet page gives the general public the status of user (hereinafter referred to as the "user" or "users") and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the conditions. general and particular included in these Terms and conditions of use published by ASTOR at the same time the user accesses the website.

Any modification to these Terms and Conditions of use will be made when ASTOR deems it appropriate, and the user is solely responsible for ensuring that they are aware of such modifications.

2. Agreement

Adhesion agreement for the use of the Internet page that ASTOR celebrates on the one hand, and on the other, the user, subjecting both parties to the provisions of this document.

3. License

a) By virtue of the celebration of this document as an agreement, ASTOR grants and grants the user the non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable right to view and use the website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and conditions of use stipulated here. For the purposes of this agreement, the parties agree that "user" will be understood to be any person of any nature who enters the website and / or any of the subpages that display its content and / or to the person of any nature who registers and / or uses any of the services offered through said page.

b) The user may only print and / or copy any information contained or published on the website exclusively for personal and / or private use, the public and / or commercial use of said information is strictly prohibited. information. In case of being a legal entity, it will be subject to the provisions of article 148, section IV of the Federal Copyright Law.

c) The reprint, publication, distribution, assignment, sublicense, sale, electronic reproduction or by any other means, partial or total, of any information, document or graphic that appears on the website, for Any use other than non-commercial personnel is expressly prohibited to the user, unless it has the prior written authorization of ASTOR.

4. Rules for the use of the website

The user and ASTOR agree that the use of the website will be subject to the following rules:

Information contained in the website The user acknowledges and accepts that the information published or contained in said site will be clearly identified in such a way that it is recognized that it comes from and has been generated by ASTOR or its suppliers.


However, the information, concepts and opinions published on said site do not necessarily reflect the position of ASTOR, nor of its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, licensees and concessionaires (hereinafter the "affiliates"). For this reason, ASTOR is not responsible for any of the information, opinions and concepts that are issued on the referred website. In this case, the user is recommended to consult with a specialist and / or professional in the field. Likewise, ASTOR is not responsible for the information contained in the Internet page, including the subpages, with the understanding that the use and monitoring of it is at the risk and responsibility of the user.


ASTOR reserves the right to block access or partially or totally remove all information, communication or material that in its sole judgment may be: i) abusive, defamatory or obscene; ii) fraudulent, artificial or misleading; iii) violation of copyright, trademarks, confidentiality, industrial secrets or any intellectual property rights of a third party; iv) offensive or; v) that in any way contravenes the provisions of this agreement. If the user wishes to obtain more information on a specific topic provided by ASTOR or its suppliers, they should consult directly with each of them, as appropriate, and / or with a specialist in the matter.


The user acknowledges that ASTOR does not previously control or censor the content provided to ASTOR by other clients, who are unrelated to ASTOR, for this reason, ASTOR despite being committed to maintaining a peaceful, inclusive and family environment, does not assume any responsibility for said content, information and / or material generated and / or provided by said third parties. All opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content expressed or made available to the public by third parties, belong to their respective author and ASTOR does not assume any responsibility for it. Likewise, ASTOR does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity, comprehensiveness and / or usefulness of any content provided by such third parties. Additionally, ASTOR is not responsible or guarantees the accuracy, completeness, veracity and / or reliability of any opinion, information, advice or statement expressed by ASTOR through its website and under no circumstances will ASTOR be responsible for any damage and / or damage, direct or indirect, caused by virtue of the trust that the user places in information obtained through its website. ASTOR reserves the right to delete or modify the content of this page that, in the sole judgment of ASTOR, does not comply with its standards or that could be contrary to the current legal system and, therefore, will not be responsible for any failure or delay that generated by removing such material.


5. Formats


Users acknowledge that, by providing the personal information required in any of the services provided on this website, they grant ASTOR the authorization indicated in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law. In all cases, users will respond for the veracity of the information provided to ASTOR.


Likewise, for the provision of services, the user also agrees to accept the terms and conditions stipulated for this purpose.



6. Copyright and industrial property


ASTOR, the website, its logos and all the material that appears on said site, are trademarks, domain names, trade names and artistic works owned by their respective owners and are protected by the treaties international laws and applicable laws on intellectual property and copyright.


The copyright on the content, organization, collection, compilation, information, logos, photographs, images, programs, applications, and in general any information contained or published on the website are duly found protected in favor of ASTOR, its affiliates, suppliers and / or their respective owners, in accordance with the applicable legislation on intellectual and industrial property.


The user is expressly prohibited from modifying, altering or deleting, either in whole or in part, the notices, trademarks, trade names, signs, advertisements, logos or in general any indication that refers to the ownership of the information contained in the site indicated.


In the event that the user transmits to ASTOR any information, programs, applications, software or in general any material that needs to be licensed through the website, the user grants ASTOR with this act, a perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license, which includes the rights to sublicense, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works, display and perform them publicly.


The provisions of the preceding paragraph will also apply to any other information that the user sends or transmits to ASTOR, including, without limitation, ideas to renew or improve the website, whether or not these have been included in any space on the indicated page or by virtue of other means or modes of transmission known or that will be developed in the future.


Therefore, the user expressly waives with this act to carry out any action, demand or claim against ASTOR, its affiliates or suppliers for any current or eventual violation of any copyright or intellectual property derived from the information, programs , applications, software, ideas and other material that the user himself sends to the website


It is our policy to act against intellectual property violations that may be generated or originated as stipulated in the legislation and other applicable intellectual property laws, including the elimination or blocking of access to material that is subject to activities that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.


In the event that any user or third party considers that any of the content that is found or is entered on said site and/or any of its services, violates their intellectual property rights, they must send a notification to the following address (Enter email address), in which they indicate: i) true personal data (name, address, telephone number and email address of the claimant); ii) autograph signature with the personal data of the owner of the intellectual property rights; iii) precise and complete indication of the content (s) protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as the location of said violations on the referred website; iv) express and clear statement that the introduction of the content (s) indicated (s) has been made without the consent of the owner of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed; v) express, clear statement and under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the introduction of the content (s) constitutes a violation of said rights.



7. Advertising material


The user acknowledges and accepts that ASTOR is an independent organization from third party sponsors and advertisers whose information, images, advertisements and other advertising or promotional material (hereinafter "advertising material") may be published on the website


The user acknowledges and accepts that the advertising material is not part of the main content published on said site. Likewise, you acknowledge and accept with this act that this material is protected by the laws that are applicable to intellectual and industrial property.



8. Disclaimer of guarantees


The user agrees that the use of the website is done at their own risk and that the services and products provided and offered there are provided on an "as is" and "as is. are available ”. ASTOR does not guarantee that the indicated page satisfies the user's requirements or that the services offered therein are uninterrupted, secure or free of errors.


ASTOR does not guarantee or endorse in any way the veracity, precision, legality, morality or any other characteristic of the content of the material that is published on the website


ASTOR is released from any responsibility and conditions, both express and implicit, in relation to the services and information contained or available on or through this website; including, without limitation:


a) The availability of use of the website


b) The absence of viruses, errors, deactivators or any other contaminating material or with destructive functions in the information or programs available on or through this page or, in general, any failure on said site.


c) Notwithstanding the foregoing, ASTOR or its suppliers may constantly update the content of the page, so the user is requested to take into account that some information published or contained in or through this website may have become obsolete and / or contain inaccuracies or typographical or spelling errors.



9. Limitations on liability


Up to the maximum allowed by applicable laws, ASTOR will not be responsible, in any case, for direct, special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages that in any way are derived or related to:


a) The use or execution of the website, with the delay or lack of availability of use of ASTOR


b) The provision or lack thereof of services of any information or graphics contained or published on or through the indicated site.


c) The updating or lack of updating of the information.


d) The alteration or modification, in whole or in part, of the information after it has been included in said site.

12. Additional terms


Occasionally, ASTOR may add to the Terms and conditions of use of this agreement additional provisions related to specific areas or new services that are provided on or through the website (hereinafter "additional terms" ), which will be published in the specific areas or new services of said site for their reading and acceptance. The user acknowledges and accepts that these additional terms form an integral part of this agreement for all legal purposes that may arise.



13. Transfer of rights


ASTOR may, at any time and when it deems it appropriate, assign all or part of its rights and obligations derived from this agreement. By virtue of said assignment, ASTOR will be released from any obligation in favor of the user, established in this agreement.



14. Inventory


a) All products have limited units.


b) In case of not having product availability or that it cannot be restocked, a substitute of the same characteristics, specifications or cost will be offered, or the option of reimbursing the total amount paid for said product.


c) All products are subject to Availability, Price and Promotion.



15. Indemnification


The user agrees to indemnify ASTOR, its affiliates, suppliers, vendors and advisers for any action, demand or claim (including legal fees and legal costs) derived from any breach by the user of this agreement; including, without limitation, any of those derived from:


a) Any aspect related to the use of the website


b) The information contained or available on or through said site or insults, defamation or any other conduct in violation of this agreement by the user in the use of the aforementioned website.


c) Violation of applicable laws or international treaties relating to copyright or intellectual property, contained or available on or through said website.



16. Termination


ASTOR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without the need for notice or notification to the user, to:


a) Definitively terminate this agreement.


b) Discontinue or definitively stop publishing the website without any liability for ASTOR, its affiliates or suppliers.



17. Subsistence


These Terms and conditions of use, as well as the additional terms, constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede any other agreement or agreement previously entered into. Any clause or provision of this agreement, as well as the additional terms, legally declared invalid, will be eliminated or modified at the option of ASTOR, in order to correct its defect or defect. However, the rest of the clauses or provisions will maintain their force, obligation and validity.



18. No waiver of rights


The inactivity on the part of ASTOR, its affiliates or suppliers to exercise any right or action derived from this agreement, shall at no time be interpreted as a waiver of said rights or actions.



19. Applicable law and jurisdiction


This agreement will be subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws and before the courts of the Federal District, Mexico.



20. Promotions


Discounts, promotional codes, and other promotions are not cumulative except in cases where it is explicitly established. Nor can they be used to purchase gift cards.


Coupons apply only to new customers on their first purchase except in cases where otherwise stated.



21. Temporalities


During the Hot Sale, Good End and Christmas periods, delivery times may vary due to logistics saturation issues 

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