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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




60x80cm/ 23x31in

Private Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"COMUNICACION" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana, currently part of a private collection. Created in 2020, this artwork is composed using mixed media on canvas and features a landscape orientation.

The central theme of "COMUNICACION" goes beyond the mere transmission of messages. The painting explores the multifaceted nature of communication, encompassing not only the interaction between a sender, medium, signal, and receiver but also the intricate processes that occur on emotional, cognitive, motor, and instinctive levels. The artist emphasizes that communication is not limited to the exchange of information but also involves cultural interactions and connections that enrich the heritage of each individual.

Through this artwork, Javier Lopez Pastrana delves into the various dimensions of communication. It highlights how messages are not only decoded but also shape and influence our emotions, thoughts, and actions. The painting acknowledges the role of cultural backgrounds in shaping communication and emphasizes the potential for connections and bonds to be formed between people from different latitudes.

"COMUNICACION" serves as a visual exploration of the complexity and richness of human interaction. It invites viewers to contemplate the intricate processes and dynamics at play in communication beyond its surface-level aspects. The painting encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural, emotional, and cognitive elements that shape our interactions with others.

In summary, "COMUNICACION" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana that delves into the concept of communication. It goes beyond the transmission of messages and explores the emotional, cognitive, and cultural dimensions of human interaction. Through mixed media on canvas, the artwork prompts viewers to reflect on the intricate processes involved in communication and the potential for connections to be formed between individuals from different backgrounds. It serves as a visual reminder of the richness and complexity of our interactions with others.

Artist Quote

"This work is focused on the issue of "Communication" that not only occurs in the relationship of sender, medium, signal and receiver and the ways to decode the message, but also develop emotional, cognitive, motor and instinctive processes according to the nature of the message and that it interacts culturally in the heritage of each person, enriching and creating links with people from other latitudes."

Painting Photo Gallery

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