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The Renaissance of Ancient Mexican Art: NeoCrotalic Mexican Art

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

NeoCrotalic art pattern

Renaissance of Ancient Mexican Art

NeoCrotalic art is a form of art created by Mexican artist Javier Lopez Pastrana in 2003. His artistic manifesto is based on the ancient Mayan culture’s belief that the secret of life and regeneration was kept in the rattlesnake’s rattle and the mathematical and geometric pattern found on its skin called the “Canamayte”.

Neo = New & Crotalic (latin) = Rattlesnake, so this can be interpreted like "New Rattlesnake Art"

The Canamayte pattern has been used by the Mayans for thousands of years and it is believed to represent the formation of the sky and the earth from four corners and four sides.

CANAMAYTE rattlesnake pattern used by ancient Mayans to represent the compass of the north. south east and west, with the mayan numbers and hemispheres
CANAMAYTE rattlesnake pattern used by ancient Mayans

Bringing Back Ancient Mexican Culture Through Art

NeoCrotalic art serves to replace the occidental golden ratio or golden section which was first introduced by the Greeks. This type of art is characterized by its use of the Canamayte pattern and its geometric shapes which are used to create visually captivating works of art.

The main purpose of the NeoCrotalic art manifesto is to bring the beauty and mystery of the Mayan culture back to life through art. By creating art that incorporates the Canamayte pattern, to revive the ancient Mesoamerican cultures through his art.

a comparisson of the golden composition pattern of greeks in mona lisa painting of davinci and the mayan patttern in a pre-hispanic art sculpture
Western Golden Composition versus Mayan Canamayte Composition

A Modern Twist on Traditional Mexican Art

In addition, NeoCrotalic Mexican art also has a more modern purpose. Lopez uses the Canamayte pattern to bring together different elements of art, such as color, texture, and form, to create something truly unique. He uses his own artistic style to create art that reflects the beauty of the Mayan culture in a modern context.

NeoCrotalic art is a beautiful and unique way to appreciate the ancient Mayan culture. Through the use of the Canamayte pattern, Lopez has created an art form that is both visually captivating and deeply meaningful.

Preserving and Promoting NeoCrotalic Mexican Art

Collectors have a vital role to play in preserving and promoting NeoCrotalic Mexican art. By acquiring and displaying this original mexican paintings, collectors are helping to ensure that the ancient Mayan culture is not forgotten and that the beauty of the Canamayte pattern is kept alive.

By supporting NeoCrotalic idea and Javier Lopez Pastrana, collectors are also helping to promote the importance of the Mayan culture and its artistic heritage. Collectors can also help to spread awareness of NeoCrotalic art by sharing and displaying works of art at public events and exhibitions. By doing so, they can help to ensure that the beauty of NeoCrotalic art is not lost and is accessible to all.

If you are interested in viewing some of Lopez’s work, visit our home page and check it out.


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