"Javier Lopez Pastrana is above all a thorough plastic researcher. But he is committed not only to pictorial exploration, but that his work also contains a sense of reflection on current social circumstances. Following the line of modern Mexican painters, Javier has the firm idea of ​​planting a purposeful art that derives from the cultural baggage of our country against the unifying attack of globalization.

In order to understand the magnitude and complexity of his project, we now propose clues offered by him, derived from previous talks that we had when we got closer to learning about his work.

His concern in plastic research, in which he manipulates loads, acrylic, oil, and which now begins to expand in the field of the three-dimensional; evidences it as a methodical to do pictorial. But this is only an instrumental reason to achieve your true goal.

After a slight touch with Oaxacan paint, evident in its palette and use of textures; probe the Mayan world and other pre-Columbian cultures to encounter the geometric structures of its architecture, ceramics, textiles, etc., and how these shapes can derive from nature.

At the same time, it detects that the patterns on the skin of some Mexican snakes have a compositional structure such that, in their opinion, they have the potential to become universal in the visual sphere, when they are systematically transferred to plastic exercise. Hence, he proposes the term Neocrotálico as a result of his research, becoming his creative objective.

Starting from a dissertation on the interdependence between the micro and macro cosmos in the organic, or past and future in the cultural, and having the human being as an agent in between these dimensions; his work acquires metaphysical connotations that do not diminish his strength but strengthen his plastic power. The most recent works limit, for example, an interest in social migrations, as a result of the new world order and the contradictions it generates.

The combination of all these factors, results in a work that not only captures in its meticulousness and detail, proper tie between color, shape and texture; rather, it has multiple and overlapping contents that it is important to recognize to further understand the richness contained in the material now presented.

This exhibition is just a selection of his work. It is divided into 2 parts or moments. One, the search that tries to show how this artist entered the plastic and conceptual investigation in a professional and successful way, the eclectic. To outline in the second part, the Neocrotálico, his style, a solid, seductive work committed to the context of art, society and himself."

Alfredo Matus June 15, 2008

Gallery Director Jose Maria Velasco INBA

Peralvillo 55, Colonia Morelos 06200 Mexico, DF

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