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Mexican Paintings for Sale | NeoCrotalic Style | MIGRACION SELECTIVA

MIGRACION SELECTIVA (Selective Migration)

Measures: 88 x 210cm/ 31 x 82in

Year: 2012

Composition: Mixed on Wood

Artist: Javier López Pastrana


The United States has long been a destination for Latin American migrants seeking a better life and economic opportunities. However, the journey is not without its challenges, particularly for Mexican migrants who face language barriers and cultural differences upon arrival. Through this painting we explore the issue of Mexican migrants adapting to the English language and American culture, the temporary barriers they encounter, and the process of integrating both cultures into a new socioeconomic environment.

The Language Barrier and Its Impact:

One of the primary challenges faced by Mexican migrants is the language barrier. Many individuals embark on the journey without knowing English, which poses obstacles in their daily lives. Communicating with employers, accessing public services, and interacting with the local community becomes a struggle, hindering their ability to fully integrate. Lack of formal education further exacerbates the language barrier, making it difficult to overcome in a short period.

The Importance of Adaptation:

Adapting to a new language and culture is essential for successful integration. Efforts to learn English and understand American customs play a crucial role in bridging the gap between Mexican migrants and the local population. Language acquisition programs and community initiatives that provide language classes and cultural orientation can empower individuals and facilitate their integration into American society.

The Value of Mexican Migrants in the Labor Market:

Despite the initial language and cultural challenges, Mexican migrants contribute significantly to the U.S. labor market. They often take on jobs that Americans may not prefer, performing essential tasks in industries such as agriculture, construction, and hospitality. Their hard work, dedication, and willingness to undertake labor-intensive jobs help meet the demand in sectors that would otherwise struggle to find a workforce.

Socioeconomic Integration and Cultural Exchange:

The integration of Mexican migrants and American society involves a reciprocal process of cultural exchange. As Mexican migrants adapt to the English language and American culture, they also bring their own traditions, customs, and perspectives. This dynamic interaction fosters mutual understanding and enrichment, shaping a new hybrid culture that reflects the diverse backgrounds of both communities.e of Mexican Migrants in the Labor Market:

Artist Quote

"Again, I find myself dealing with the issue of human migration.

Latin Americans trying to reach the United States where one of the main obstacles is the language structure to which the migrants must adapt.

Inside the Crotalic centered squares there are many cubes with letters in the style of the typefaces of mechanical typewriters, that scattered alphabet and without a specific order denote that there must be a coding. They are exactly the same letters for different languages. The only thing that changes is the form of coding to be able to communicate both concrete and abstract ideas together with the changes in the phonemes of each grapheme. Hence, adaptation becomes selective according to the communication capacity that each individual denotes.

The migrant who adapts more quickly to the change in the language coding structure will be able to adapt more easily to his socioeconomic environment, without differentiating between being a man or a woman.

Again, I use human footprints as a representation of the human walk. To all this, it surrounds a rhythmic composition and with movements"

Artwork Color Palet Aesthetic and symbol

Palet colors employed on Migracion Selectiva Paintings: Mocha Brown, Ash Gray, Amber Gold, Rusty Organge, Dark shade of plum purple.
Migracion Selectiva Colors

  1. Mocha Brown (7D4443): This earthy brown color can symbolize stability, reliability, and grounding. It evokes a sense of warmth and connection to nature. Aesthetically, it can add depth and richness to a palette, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Ash Gray (A8A499): Gray is often associated with neutrality and balance. Ash Gray specifically can evoke a sense of calmness, sophistication, and timelessness. Aesthetically, it provides a versatile and modern base color that complements other shades well.

  3. Amber Gold (C19358): The warm and radiant tone of Amber Gold can symbolize energy, vitality, and abundance. It is often associated with autumn and the golden hues of sunlight. Aesthetically, it adds warmth and vibrancy to a color scheme, creating a sense of luxury and opulence.

  4. Dark shade of plum purple (403132): Symbolically, this color can evoke a sense of mystery, sophistication, and introspection. It represents depth, creativity, and a touch of elegance. Aesthetically, 403132 adds richness and depth to a color palette, creating a dramatic and luxurious ambiance. It can be used as a bold accent color or as a base to enhance other lighter shades. Overall, 403132 exudes a sense of allure and intrigue, making it a captivating choice for design and artistic expressions.

  5. Rusty Orange (9F4D38): Rusty Orange is a warm and earthy shade that can symbolize energy, creativity, and passion. It often evokes feelings of warmth, enthusiasm, and vitality. Aesthetically, it adds a pop of color and can create a bold and dynamic focal point in a design.

Symbolism and Technique in the Artwork

In this image the protagonists of the migration are represented, with unmistakable characteristics that leave no doubt about the Mexican or Latin American origin of the migrant, the tanned color of the skin, the hair in braids, a very common trait in indigenous women as well as the folkloric mexican design skirt.

This is a close up for the Mexican Painting Migracion Selectiva of Javier Lopez Pastrana. This close-up image of a sculpture features a person's face carved into the wood surface. The face is surrounded by a red circle, and the background is brown in color. The sculpture appears to be made from wood, with intricate details that can be seen on its surface. The facial features are clearly visible, including eyes, nose and mouth. There is also an animal figure in the lower right corner of the image which adds to its overall composition.  The dominant colors in this image are browns and reds, creating an earthy tone that gives it a rustic feel. This artwork has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail - each line and curve adding depth and texture to the piece as a whole. It captures both beauty and emotion in one single frame - making it perfect for use as part of an art collection or even just for display purposes alone!
Migracion Selectiva (Painting)

This close-up shows the sculpture technique of the artist, despite of being a painting the small reliefs elements features a person's face carved into the wood surface with intricate details that can be seen on its surface. The facial features are clearly visible, including eyes, nose and mouth.

Despite being a static piece, it is impossible to avoid the feeling that it is moving in a hurry due to the symbolism in the footsteps and the position of the arms. A certain face of relief can be observed possibly for leaving behind unpleasant or unfavorable environments, which is why migration occurs.

The language boxes in each central square represented by letters without order, part of the confusion when facing an unknown language that makes up this cultural barrier, and that

This image depicts a square-shaped box with several letters of different colors inside. The box is primarily brown in color, with black accents. The bottom left corner of the box is darker, and the top right corner is lighter. The letters appear to be mostly black, with a few red and gold tiles mixed in. The letters form a motif, with some of them arranged in a pattern. In the center of the box is a black circle. The image conveys a sense of artistry, with the bright colors and intricate design.
Sculptured Language abastract representation in the Mexican Painting "Migracion Selectiva"

instinctively activates the rapid adaptation of new customs, laws and duties.

The squares are located inside a dark area and abstractly it is being codified and translated.

Reference to this Painting on

The next link will take you to the painting gallery where you can see more pictures of this artwork: Mexican Painitng Migracion Selectiva

Allusive NeoCrotalic Components Elements in the artwork that exemplify the Neocrotalic style

A pattern from yucatan ratlesnake skin called canamayte it is visible on several images on the picture, in the artwork, in a pyramid, in a mayan jade disk and mayan earing,  to demostrate the composition is a NeoCrotalic Artwork.
"Canamayte" proportions on the artwork

The composition of this work is made under the premises of NeoCrotalic art, where the use of the geometric pattern of the CANAMAYTE located on the skin of the crotalus durisus viper that inhabits the Mayan region and that pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures used for their fine arts is resumed. As well as the elements of the Best method of Adolfo Best Maugard.

How to Purchase

Mexican paintings for sale

Contact us and schedule a visit or a video call to discuss any questions related to the acquisition of the work. Our contact information can be found in the bottom of the page of the artwork:


The journey of Mexican migrants to the United States involves overcoming temporary barriers, such as language and cultural adaptation, as they strive for a better life. By acknowledging the challenges faced by Mexican migrants and providing the necessary support, society can embrace their contributions and facilitate their integration. This artwork reflects on this aspect and it is esential to understand the struggles that Migrants face towards a better life.

We invite you to discover more artworks in our Mexican Art Blog as well as visit NeoCrotalic Mexican Contemporary Art Website and finally the Mexican Artist Javier Lopez Pastrana website.

We hope you enjoy this artwork and being the lucky collector of this important and representative piece of Contemporary Mexican Art. We will launch more articles for mexican paintings for sale for your enjoy and reference.

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