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Unveiling the Intersection of Art and E-Commerce: Similarities and Insights

Updated: May 25, 2023

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Passion has always fueled my journey of brand and product development, nurtured by my profession in international trade, which has encompassed countless imports and sales across the globe. From lettuce to imported motorcycles, I have traversed the intricate world of retail as both a buyer and a retail supplier.

However, it was when I ventured into the realm of art that I encountered a market that proved to be incredibly challenging. Selling art has proven to be one of the most daunting endeavors I've faced.

As the foremost follower of my father, the creator of NeoCrotalic Art in 2003, I approached this new world with a unique perspective. From this vantage point, I have observed intriguing parallels with the rise of e-commerce. Allow me to present some of these insights:

Lag in Adoption:

Novel products that gain popularity in "first world" countries often experience a time lag before gaining recognition in our own country. For instance, while the iPod achieved widespread commercial success in the neighboring United States,

it took several years for its distribution to reach Mexico. Only those who traveled abroad and witnessed its popularity firsthand brought it back to Mexico, subsequently introducing the product to the curious onlookers. It was through word-of-mouth awareness and technology adoption that the iPod eventually paved the way for the development of the iPhone. Similarly, many Mexican artists face a similar trajectory. Often, those who find success abroad take several years to gain recognition and appreciation in their home country. Parallel to this, we see a similar pattern with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which are met with skepticism, deemed as valueless bubbles or easily replicable images.

Evolving Retail Landscape:

In the pre-online commerce era, brands heavily relied on retail channels to build awareness. Personally, I experienced the arduous process of approaching numerous retailers, attempting to secure their agreement to carry my products and brands. Months would pass without any response, and it took persistent follow-ups and countless emails before finally gaining an audience. The acceptance from retailers meant that the public would eventually become aware of my products. Now, the landscape has changed. With the advent of e-commerce, brands can reach consumers directly, bypassing the traditional chain of intermediaries. This transformation aligns with the art world, where gaining access to gallery curators or museum exhibitions was a challenge. Artists often faced waiting lists of two to four years. However, with the emergence of social networks, personal websites, and online marketplaces, artists can now connect directly with collectors, expending their energy on establishing a strong collector base.

Commission Structures:

In the realm of physical retail and galleries, commissions can consume a significant portion of the sale price. Retailers typically charge between 35% to 60% of the product's value, leading to increased prices for consumers.

Galleries follow a similar model, taking a substantial cut of 40% to 50% to cover their operational costs. However, the internet provides a different landscape. Direct sales online allow artists and creators to offer their products at a lower price, bypassing intermediaries and marketing directly to consumers. While the margin may not be as high, the absence of commissions enables them to offer products at a more competitive price. The same principle applies to NFTs, where buying art directly from an artist can often come at a lower cost compared to purchasing from a gallery.

Unique Perspectives on NFTs:

NFTs encompass various categories, and it is essential to recognize different perspectives

on their value. When it comes to protecting physical artwork through NFTs, the primary focus lies in the physical work itself. Artists desire collectors to prioritize the physical art and consider the NFT as a secondary element. This viewpoint draws a parallel to retail, where a single product can be listed across multiple marketplaces to generate exposure and reach different customer segments. Just as a physical work can be suitable for various online marketplaces, the same flexibility can be applied to NFT marketplaces. The key lies in delisting the NFTs once the physical work has been purchased and delivered, ensuring that the value remains in the artwork itself. While some may frown upon listing the same NFT on different blockchain marketplaces, collectors find value in such an approach. It expands the reach of the physical artwork, increases its visibility, and potentially attracts higher offers.


The journey of merging art and commerce is filled with captivating similarities to the rise of e-commerce. Understanding these parallels provides valuable insights into the art market and offers opportunities for artists to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Just as e-commerce has revolutionized the retail industry, the art world is undergoing its own transformation, allowing artists to forge direct connections with collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Embracing these shifts brings forth new avenues for artistic expression and fosters a vibrant ecosystem where artists and collectors can mutually benefit.

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