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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




120x140cm/ 47x55in

Private Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"SEDIMENTOS" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana, which is part of a private collection. Created in the 2010s, this artwork falls within the genre of contemporary art and features a mixed media composition on canvas. It is presented in a vertical format with dimensions of 120x140cm (47x55in).

The painting explores the theme of sedimentation and the transformative process of organic and mineral materials over thousands of years. It reflects on the formation of sedimentary rocks, which occur through the petrification of sediments and the subsequent crystallization and amalgamation of particles. Unlike igneous rocks that harden quickly when lava cools, sedimentary rocks undergo a slow process of accumulation and transformation.

The artist contemplates how we often overlook the immense geological history behind sedimentary rocks when we encounter them. Sitting on a sedimentary rock can be a reminder of the millions of years it took for those particles to crystallize and form something that humans have utilized in various ways. By using an electron microscope to observe these sediments, the artist discovered iridescent colors, which were applied in the artwork. The perception of these colors depends closely on the angle of incidence from which they are observed.

The painting also touches upon the concept of stone fossils, where organic substances are replaced by minerals while retaining their original shape. Some of these fossils have been transformed into sculptures, reliefs, or symbolic and ornamental elements in construction. Metaphorical rocks, such as onyx or marble, are also mentioned, highlighting the diverse ways in which humans interact with geological materials.

"SEDIMENTOS" is a thought-provoking Mexican painting that invites viewers to reflect on the processes of sedimentation and organic-mineral transformation that have shaped our planet over millions of years. It depicts the world of sedimentary rocks and stone fossils, showcasing the geological wonders of our Earth. Through this artwork, the artist prompts us to contemplate the immense time scales and transformative forces that have given rise to the remarkable diversity of natural materials we encounter in our surroundings.

In summary, "SEDIMENTOS" is a Mexican painting that explores the theme of sedimentation and the transformative processes of organic and mineral materials. It is a contemporary art piece that delves into the formation of sedimentary rocks and the intriguing world of stone fossils. The artwork encourages reflection on the geological wonders of our planet and the immense time scales involved in shaping our natural environment.

Artist Quote

"Sedimentation as a topic for reflection. The sediments of organic and mineral materials are forming through thousands of years of petrification, and then known as sedimentary rocks. Unlike igneous rocks, these are the process of the magma that, when coming to the surface in the form of lava, hardens in a very short time. Sometimes we sit on a sedimentary rock and the process of millions of years that led to these particles crystallizing and amalgamating into something that humans have taken advantage of in many different ways does not come to mind. Sometimes any reasoning serves as a theme in artistic production when an electron microscope is used to observe these sediments, iridescent colors appear and that is why I applied them in this work of art and that it depends closely on the angle of incidence in which is observed.
The same thing happens with stone fossils, where the organic substance is replaced by minerals without losing its original shape.
Instead, some congeners have transformed it directly into sculptures, high and low artistic reliefs or semantic symbols, religious or ornamental symbols in construction as well as metaphorical rocks such as onyx or marble."

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