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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




100x150cm/ 39x59in

Private Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"MIGRACIÓN" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana that is currently part of a private collection. Created on canvas in the 2000s, this artwork falls within the genre of contemporary art and features a mixed media composition. It is presented in a landscape format, measuring 100x150cm (39x59in).

Artist Quote

"In NeoCrotálic style, the artwork "MIGRACION" projects an allegory of human movements that occur in rural areas towards urban areas in search of well-being. In migration they also carry their body, their spiritual wealth, their customs, their cosmogony and their habits. Their encounter will subtract or add to their individual personality or to the personality of the urban community. The mix has been made and there is no going back. A cultural miscegenation."

Painting Photo Gallery

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