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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




120x150cm/ 47x59in

Private Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"FRATERNIDAD" by Javier Lopez Pastrana is a Mexican painting from a private collection that conveys a powerful message of fraternity and unity among different human groups. The artwork depicts hands from diverse cultures, symbolizing the act of offering help and support to one another in an environment of harmony. Through this visual representation, the painting promotes the values of brotherhood, shared protection, and cooperation.

The hands in the painting represent different human groups, highlighting the diversity and richness of cultures that exist in the world. Despite their differences, the hands are depicted in a gesture of solidarity, reaching out to one another with the intention of fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. This act of extending a helping hand signifies the importance of collaboration and working together for the greater good.

"FRATERNIDAD" serves as a visual reminder of the value of harmony and cooperation among different cultures. It emphasizes the idea that by joining forces and supporting one another, we can create a circle of unity and protection. The painting encapsulates the artist's belief in the power of brotherhood to transcend differences and build bridges between people.

Created using mixed media on canvas, the artwork features a squared composition and measures 120x150cm (47x59in). It falls within the contemporary art genre, showcasing the artist's innovative approach and unique style. The vibrant colors and expressive brushwork evoke a sense of warmth and connectivity, inviting viewers to reflect on the importance of solidarity and mutual understanding.

"FRATERNIDAD" conveys a timeless message of unity and cooperation that is relevant in today's world. Through the visual representation of hands from diverse cultures, the painting celebrates the beauty of diversity and advocates for a shared sense of responsibility and protection. It serves as a testament to the artist's belief in the transformative power of fraternity and the positive impact it can have on societies.

The artwork invites viewers to embrace the values of harmony and brotherhood, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate world. By recognizing our shared humanity and extending a helping hand, we can create a circle of unity that transcends boundaries and promotes a sense of togetherness.

Artist Quote

"The hands represent different human groups that, in an environment of harmony, offer their hands to help each other, generating an act of brotherhood between different cultures, producing a circle of union and shared protection."

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