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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




92x112cm/ 36x44in

Private Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"EL ACERTIJO" by Javier Lopez Pastrana is an intriguing Mexican painting that delves into the theme of semiotics and the evolution of human communication through symbols and signs. This artwork, part of a private collection, invites viewers to reflect on the logical and abstract mind of humanity and how it encodes symbols to convey ideas.

The composition of the painting centers around a close-up view of a wooden table. The table is made of dark brown wood, and at its center, there is a light brown square. This square becomes the focal point of the artwork, as it is filled with a diverse array of symbols reminiscent of hieroglyphs. The symbols are intricately carved into the wood, creating a textured and rough surface.

The color palette of the painting is predominantly composed of warm browns, which evoke a sense of depth and warmth. Additionally, hints of greens and blacks are present, contributing to the contrast and depth within the composition. The varied textures within the painting further enhance the overall sense of realism. The polished and smooth areas of the wood juxtapose with the rough and textured sections, adding depth and tactile interest to the artwork.

"EL ACERTIJO" exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue. The collection of hieroglyph-like symbols on the wooden table acts as a visual riddle, enticing the viewer to decipher their meaning. The artwork prompts contemplation of the profound role of symbols in human communication and the inherent curiosity of the human mind.

The interpretation of the painting is open-ended, allowing viewers to form their own conclusions. It can be seen as a representation of a hidden chamber or a symbolic computing table presenting a challenging riddle. The hieroglyphs themselves might hold coded messages or serve as mere decorative elements. Ultimately, the meaning and significance of "EL ACERTIJO" reside within the perceptions and interpretations of each individual viewer.

Through its thought-provoking theme and intricate composition, "EL ACERTIJO" encourages us to ponder the significance of symbols in human expression and the power of the abstract mind. It stands as a testament to Javier Lopez Pastrana's ability to evoke curiosity and stimulate intellectual exploration through his artistic creations.

Artist Quote

"Within semiotics, the study of the signs and symbols created by humans over time in order to represent various ideas of multiple kinds is a theme that the artist tries to symbolize as the evolutionary product of the logical and abstract mind of humanity. . The way humans encode symbols is what makes the communication of ideas possible."

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