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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




80x100cm/ 31x39in

Author Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"COMPOSICION CROTALICA" by Javier Lopez Pastrana is a Mexican painting from the author's collection. Created on canvas in the 2000s, this artwork falls within the genre of contemporary art. The composition features a mixed media technique and is presented in a square format, measuring 80x100cm (31x39in).

The painting explores the concept of crotalic composition, which refers to the arrangement and organization of abstract geometric elements. The artist's intention was to find a balance between curves and straight lines, using a combination of inclined, horizontal, and vertical lines. To achieve this balance, the painting incorporates the seven fundamental elements proposed by Adolfo Best Maugard.

The artwork aims to harmonize different elements within the crotalometric network. It achieves this by using encounters of cold and warm colors, which contribute to the overall visual harmony of the composition. The interplay between these colors adds depth and dimension to the artwork, creating a dynamic visual experience.

"COMPOSICION CROTALICA" showcases the artist's exploration of abstract geometric forms and their relationships within the composition. It demonstrates the artist's skill in balancing various elements and creating a cohesive visual structure. The painting invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of geometric abstraction and the interplay between shapes, lines, and colors.

Through its crotalic composition, the artwork highlights the artist's mastery of geometric principles and their application in creating visually engaging and harmonious compositions. The use of the seven fundamental elements adds a sense of structure and order to the artwork, while the combination of cold and warm colors evokes different emotions and enhances the overall visual impact.

"COMPOSICION CROTALICA" is a testament to the artist's artistic vision and technical proficiency in creating abstract geometric artworks. It serves as a captivating example of contemporary art that invites viewers to contemplate the balance between curves and straight lines, the interplay of geometric forms, and the harmonious integration of colors.

Artist Quote

"The present work is an exercise in crotalic composition of an abstract geometric nature.
The intention of finding a balance between the curve and the straight line, between a set of inclined, horizontal and vertical lines and using the seven fundamental elements proposed by Adolfo Best Maugard.
Only in order to harmonize the different elements within the crotalometric network. With encounters of cold and warm colors."

Painting Photo Gallery

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