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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Canvas




100x120cm/ 39x47in

Author Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"COLISIONADOR DE PARTICULAS" is a Mexican painting from the author collection of Javier Lopez Pastrana. Created in 2019, this artwork is composed using mixed media on canvas. It falls within the genre of contemporary art and features a landscape orientation with dimensions of 100x120cm (39x47in).

The painting delves into the current scientific quest for knowledge and understanding of the fundamental laws that govern the universe. Humanity is in an evolutionary stage of knowledge, and scientists are conducting experiments to explore the origin of things. One such experiment is the study of atomic sub-particles through devices like the hadron colliders. These experiments aim to discover sub-particles that originated from the Big Bang and shed light on their functioning. The search for the elusive "God particle" prompts us to reflect on our identity and our relationship with the cosmic environment.

In "COLISIONADOR DE PARTICULAS," Lopez Pastrana visualizes an abstract-concrete moment that symbolically represents the events taking place in the hadron colliders. The artwork serves as a metaphorical exploration of the scientific pursuit and the quest for understanding the underlying fabric of the universe. It reflects on the profound questions surrounding our existence and the intricate relationship we have with the cosmos.

The painting invites viewers to contemplate the significance of these scientific endeavors and their implications for our understanding of the world. It merges abstract and concrete elements to create a visual representation of the collision of particles and the search for fundamental truths. Through the language of contemporary art, "COLISIONADOR DE PARTICULAS" engages with themes of scientific exploration, identity, and our place within the cosmic framework.

In summary, "COLISIONADOR DE PARTICULAS" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana that portrays a symbolic representation of the experiments conducted in the hadron colliders and the search for the fundamental laws that govern the universe. This contemporary artwork prompts reflections on our identity and relationship with the cosmic environment, as well as the ongoing quest for understanding the origin and nature of reality.

Artist Quote

"Currently, scientific humanity is in a stage of evolution of knowledge where it seeks to find the laws that make up the whole, that is why in the search to understand the origin of things, experiments such as those carried out in the hadron colliders, where it is sought to find atomic sub particles that were formed since the Big Bang and that help to understand their operation. Searching for the so-called God particle makes us reflect on our identity and relationship that we have with our cosmic environment. That is why in the work "Particle Collider" I visualized an abstract-concrete moment that serves as a symbolic representation of that event."

Painting Photo Gallery

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