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Mexican Painting


Javier Lopez Pastrana


Mixed on Wood




80x200cm/ 31x78in

Author Collection

Painting Inspiration and Concept

"LOS CUATRO CRÁNEOS" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana, part of the artist's personal collection. Created in 2017, this artwork falls within the genre of contemporary art and features a mixed media composition on wood. It is presented in a landscape format with dimensions of 80x200cm (31x78in).

The painting explores the concept of NeoCrotalic art, focusing on the symbolism of four skulls. These skulls are prominently displayed within the central rectangle of the composition and represent the idea of false psychic personalities. Each skull crystallizes its own unique personality, and yet all converge and peer into the infra and supra worlds.

Additionally, the painting incorporates four cylindrical elements in relief, which represent the four styles of being associated with the false personalities. These elements highlight the diversity of human existence and the various ways individuals present themselves to the world.

On the right side of the composition, there is a hemispherical circle that symbolizes the spirit of the soul. This circle represents the unity that is achieved when the true self transcends the false personalities. It signifies the realization of the authentic "I" that reigns without the influence of falsehood.

The play of colors in the artwork refers to the organic nature of life, which shapes human beings in their material composition. The painting suggests that when individuals leave behind their physical bodies and transition to a higher energy level, they become invisible to mortal eyes. This signifies a shift to a realm vibrating at a much faster pace.

In summary, "LOS CUATRO CRÁNEOS" is a Mexican painting by Javier Lopez Pastrana that explores NeoCrotalic art. The artwork uses four skulls to symbolize false psychic personalities, while the cylindrical elements represent the various styles of being associated with these personalities. The hemispherical circle signifies the unity within the spirit, devoid of false identities. The painting suggests a transition to a higher energy level beyond mortal perception.

Artist Quote

"In the present NeoCrotalic artwork I try to express by means of the only four perceptible skulls that are located within the central rectangle of the composition and that they find peering into the infra & supra world and where each one with the crystallization of their own and false psychic personalities meet to themselves.
The four cylindrical elements in relief represent the four styles of being of the false personalities.
The hemispherical circle that is on the right side represents the spirit of the soul that managed to complete the unity within its being, so it lacks a false personality and only the authentic “I” reigns.
The play of colors refers to organic nature, a source of life that shapes humans in their material composition and that when abandoning their carnal vehicle through the sacred scratch, they face another plane of high energy level and that vibrates a lot. faster becoming invisible to mortal eyes."

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