Neo-crotalic style. Within semiotics, the study of human-made signs and symbols over time in order to represent various ideas of multiple kinds is a subject that the artist tries to symbolize as the evolutionary product of the logical and abstract mind of humanity. . The way in which humans encode symbols is what makes the communication of ideas possible.


(Archival Print) EL ACERTIJO Canvas Reproduction 100% Scale  



This is a reproduction on canvas of the original work authorized and signed by the artist. It has the value of the original signature which makes the reproduction special.

The Canvas printing scale is 100% of the original 


Copyright Notice

This artwork is copyright of Javier Lopez Pastrana © 2004 and NEOCROTALIC.COM © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Exclusive authorized distribution for this artwork was granted to ASTOR WAREHOUSE, S.A. de C.V.  
Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.  You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.   

EL ACERTIJO (NeoCrotalic Giclée 100% Scale)

SKU: 7503017714890
  • SIZE

    92 X 112 cm / 36 x 44 inches


    Composition:  100% Cotton
    Weight: 9 oz/yd2
    Color: White
    Inflammability: It is not a flammable material
    Tensile strength: DIN EN ISO 1421. 748 x 254N / 5cm.
    Tear strength: DIN 53363. 23x11N


  • YEAR


  • EAN


  • CARE

    Store at room temperature in a clean, dust-free place. Do not place in places where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Away from moisture and corrosive substances.



    This reproduction comes inside a protective tube for its transfer from where it is stored to its destination.


    It is recommended to have it framed by a professional according to your taste and style with the framework of your preference.

    It has a hidden overlay with the author's description and signature so it can be kept in the back once it is framed


    Display Price is in USD  



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